• HOW TO DOWNLOAD OUR SOFTWARE I ADKSolid - add-ins dedicated to the 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS®


The products offered in the store are digital products, which are sold only in an electronic form - to be downloaded from the store's website - after paying for the purchase online


The product that you will download from the store is a temporary version - which must be activated using codes generated by us for the unlimited version - to do this, follow the step-by-step tasks described below.

The purchased license requires activation with unique keys generated by the software producer.

The license is not a so-called floating or network license, it is assigned to a computer, so decide on which computer the MacroSolid add-in will run and then activate it.

1. Click the "About MacroSolid / Help / Licenses" button in the MacroSolid main menu.

2. In the "About MacroSolid / Help / Licenses" window, there is a "Generate and send to adksolid@adksolid.com" button. After pressing the button, a text file with the computer ID will be generated.

Send the file to the e-mail address adksolid@adksolid.com and we will generate and send back a license file, which should be loaded into the program using the "Load licenses" button.

3. If you have purchased e.g. 2 licenses of a given software, then the process of generating and loading the license file is carried out separately on each of the two computers selected by you.

Remember that you will not be able to repeat the "loading license" because the license file is made available for a specific computer ID.

Therefore, decide on the choice of the unit on which you will load the license after analyzing the position needs in your company.

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