• Subscription and Implementation service I ADKSolid - add-ins dedicated to the 3D CAD SOLIDWORKS®

Update service (subscription)

The SUBSCRIPTION (Update service) is a free download of updates for the purchased software and support via e-mail - by the Reseller.
Update service (subscription) - is a program update service. Licensee having a valid subscription service has the ability to use the latest version of purchased macro / add-in licenses:

  • the first year after purchase - the service is free,
  • in subsequent years, update year - 40% of the value of purchased licenses for macros / add-ins - at the Customer's request. 40% of the value counted from the basic - catalog, standard net license prices as at the date of sale of the macro/add-in, not counted from the promotional prices at which the Customer may have purchased the macro - the offer is valid only in the case of continuous subscription, i.e. the purchase of the update takes place in each subsequent year of license use from the moment of its purchase,
  • in the following years the subscription year is valued individually at the Customer's request in the event of a lack of continuity of the subscription, i.e. purchase of the update,
  • did not occur in each subsequent year counting from the date of purchase of the license,
  • updates are sent each time only at the Customer's request.


The implementation service is a customer support service in the field of installation, configuration and operation of the purchased software.
Implemented up to 30 days from the purchase of the software.
There is an extra charge for this service.


  1. Download, install and try out the add-in - TIME VERSION.
  2. See the documentation: https://adksolid.com/en/for-solidworks/macrosolid-configuration
  3. If there are problems with self-configuration, we suggest the first implementation online meeting - about 2 hours. The purpose of the meeting is to present the functionalities, but above all to recognize the client's needs:
    1. Does the configuration we have prepared meet the customer's expectations.
    2. If not, what needs to be changed. Which features to hide and which to show. Which VIEWS to show and which to remove. How to configure individual macros. Property names, templates / appearances of reports, BOMs, etc.
    3. The customer can configure the add-in himself/herself or, knowing the needs as part of the implementation, we prepare the configuration: https://adksolid.com/en/for-solidworks/macrosolid-configuration
  4. Based on the customer's expectations, sent beforehand or from the first online meeting, ADKSolid prepares a dedicated installer. Alternatively, the customer configures and sends his installation folders himself and, on this basis, we generate a new installer.
  5. Second implementation meeting - MacroSolid 3h training.
  6. If during the training there are any changes in the configuration, new MacroSolid settings will be needed so that we can generate the final version of the installer for the company.
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